Ramblewood Pool Overview and Hours

For the last forty years, the Ramblewood Pool has provided hundreds of families with refreshment, good times, and great memories. Located on the central corner in Ramblewood neighborhood, the pool has the space and accommodations for families of all ages.

The pool itself has a shallow end of 3 feet deep which slopes to a full 10 foot depth. An outdoor
shower is available for rinsing off before and after swimming and well-kept, women’s and men’s bathrooms are located in the pool area as well. Members and guests can take advantage of the chairs, tables (with umbrellas), and lounge chairs located around the pool as well. Bring your own coolers of snacks and drinks (no glass, please), and the party can get started!

Kids and adults alike enjoy the pavilion, which is a covered area adjacent to the pool, still within the fenced-in pool area. It’s an excellent location to dry off, get out of the heat, or take a break for lunch or dinner. Another great benefit Ramblewood Pool has to offer is the area directly outside of the fence. There is plenty of space and well-kept grass for volleyball, soccer, or just a space to run around and have fun!

Ramblewood is committed to hiring well-trained and well-vetted lifeguards. Our lifeguards are CPR-trained and are able to manage good fun within safe parameters. And are you wondering if there is any “quiet time” at the pool? You can count on at least 10 minutes of adult-only swimming every hour. While it may not sound like a lot, take it from one parent who said that “10 minutes of splash-free swimming is like 10-minutes of heaven.” Whether you have kids or not, there is ample time and space for people of all ages to bask in beautiful, summer days and evenings around the pool.

Our pool members have various options to bring guests, reserve parties, and be a part of pool-
sponsored movie nights. Take a look at the typical pool hours listed below. The benefits of being a part of the Ramblewood Pool are many! We are glad to provide this opportunity for you, your family, and your friends. We love being a part of family history and great memory-making for all!

Pool Hours for Summer 2024

Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sunday, 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Lifeguard break time/adult swim time (no children) is 10min till the hour (9:50-10, 10:50-11, etc)

All children are asked to vacate the pool during lifeguard break time.

Lifeguards training to earn their certification