Benefits of Ramblewood Estates Homeowner’s Association

Here are some of the benefits of the Ramblewood Estates Recreation Association, Inc. (the

Stable or Increased Property Values

Every Association homeowner follows the guidelines set forth in the Amended Restricted
Covenants in the homeowner’s deed. These covenants help keep our property values from
declining and have even boosted the value of Association homes.

Well Maintained Recreational Amenities

Do you love spending time outside? Join the Ramblewood Pool! Association homeowners have
priority in joining the pool, which regularly has a waiting list. Because of our well-managed
Association, you will never find our common area recreational facilities becoming overgrown or
falling apart. Want to join? Find a membership form online:

Shared Ownership of the Community

According to the deeds of all Association homeowners, all members share ownership of the
Association’s common areas and facilities. Everyone owning an equal share of public space
fosters a strong sense of community. It’s easy to see: Just join the neighborhood app
“NextDoor.” (Visit or download the NextDoor app and enter your street address.)
We even host events in our common spaces and pool area – a great way to make new friends!

Access to Community Management and Mediation

Have a problem with a noisy neighbor or a barking dog? With the Association, you have a way
to get the problem addressed. We encourage you to get to know your neighbors. The Association
stands ready to mediate any unresolved issues.

Aesthetically Pleasing Homes

The Association’s Amended Restrictive Covenants keep our community’s homes and yards
looking their best. You don’t have to worry about a rusted car on cinderblocks in your neighbor’s

Increased Sense of Security

Association homeowners look out for one another. We want everyone to feel safe in our
neighborhood. Plus, we have the organizational resources to lobby for our members on the local
political level.

Membership Dues: $75

These dues keep the Association healthy enough to address neighborhood needs as they arise.
Dues invoices are mailed each January. Please mail your dues to the following address:

Ramblewood Estates Recreation Association

28 Willowridge Circle
Jackson, TN 38305

Questions? Contact Shane Cisco, President, at 901-350-8021

Facebook: Ramblewood Pool